Sometimes It's Just That Bad / by LD

It's been a marathon week of live music for Jody and I. Last Saturday it was the Flaming Lips (and a lackluster opening band) in Del Mar, Monday it was The Romany Rye at the Detroit Bar, Thursday found us at Que Sera for a friend's band, and last night we saw the Cold War Kids play a free show to headline downtown's Busker Fest. 

While all that music had its high points, the standing and waiting and suffering through mediocre opening bands goes hand in hand with musical greatness. This is a text exchange Jody and I shared while gritting our teeth during an opening band who shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent or musically untalented). 

L: Someone needs to tell their drummer to TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH, DUDE.

J: This is painful. I hope he has a day job. 

L: Involving mellow activities such as whispering. And SILENCE. 

J: Okay, Kid Rock...

L: His vocals are wobblier than a dreidel in an earthquake. 

J: I think I've found my vocal soulmate.

L: For an eternity of signing for the devil. IN HELL. 

J: But it takes place on a cruise ship and we are forever opening for our favorite duo

L: Sharon and Will, God bless them!

J: If this song is stuck in my head tomorrow, I swear I'm never talking to him again. 

L: The best part about the mirrored wall here is that you can see the ONE girl on the dance floor just gyrating with everything she's got.