Weekend Recap: Congratulations, Graduate / by LD

Over the weekend, I surprised my sister Jody with a graduation party that was long overdue. Though she technically 'graduated' in December, Jodes never walked in her ceremony (good call, dude, though prancing to "Pomp & Circumstance" is one of those life-defining moments wherein you'll never feel more ridiculous unless you choose to also prance down the aisle to a traditional wedding march). What's worse, she never had a graduation party, the kind we all had, the kind wherein you eat a lot of finger food and get cards and gifts and (hopefully) money, and finally feel closure on that whole education thing. 

So I decided a few months ago to surprise her (not that hard to do, incidentally; the girl doesn't really ask questions) and throw her the kind of grad party that she never had. The best part about it, of course, was that it wasn't in June with all the other grad parties. No one had to scramble between cramped apartment soirees or chain restaurant hootenannies. It was a perfect late summer party, replete with spiked lemonade and a faux-ceremony held specifically for our class of one. 

Since my parents were in town (also a surprise), we celebrated their August 2 anniversary the following day with drinks at this little wine bar we love - Vinatero, and dinner at a tapas place called Phlight. It was a weekend of celebrations to kick off the last month of Summer. 

The apples don't fall far from the tree.

Healthy dose of sartorial humiliation = 1, Jody = 0

Guests pt. 1

Tyler was the keynote speaker, and both of us are wearing Jody Dailey original designs.

Like any good American, we saluted our hallowed flag before proceeding. 

Pour one out for my homie, Yves Saint Laurent.

Guests, pt. 2

Jody receives her diploma. 

Magna cum laude!

Awww yeah.

After the party; couldn't resist. 

At Vinatero.

The dinner peeps minus Ham, who hadn't arrived yet.

There he is!