Weekend Recap: Placing My Bets* / by LD

*...Which didn't really happen. The reasons are twofold: 1) I'm broke. 2) That betting system is totally wonky. 

On Saturday, Curtis, Brett, Jody and I decided to take a day off from all the arduous hanging out that would have happened in LA County (so hard, so trying) and headed south to Del Mar. Despite sitting in the world's beastliest traffic for three hours, we actually had a good time. Note to self: ALWAYS keep a bacon chocolate bar on hand for traffic times. Second note to self: If I were to ditch life as a photographer and instead become a thief, days like Saturday would  be the day to make a killing because NO ONE in Southern California was in their homes. No one. They were all on the road. Third note to self: ...And by "killing" I mean, I'd make out like a bandit. Because I'm a thief, not a murderer. Obvs. I mean, hypothetically. 

And THAT calls for an "anyway."

Anyway, our reason for departure was simple: The Flaming Lips were playing a free* show at the Del Mar tracks that evening, and we wanted to see it. Oh, and it was also Beer Fest. And the sun was out. And the horses! Look at all the pretty horses! 

Despite not making my thousands placing bets on horses with names like HootenannyManny** and Hot Mammasita,*** we had a fantastic time.****

*$6 to get into the tracks, but the show was technically free.
**These names are absolutely a product of my imagination.
****Aided by the fact that I was wearing a gigantic hat, of course. What? It's practically the Kentucky Derby! You're lucky I didn't affect a southern accent and swan around the grounds demanding mah mint julep!