Cheapshot's / by LD

Last night a few of us went out to celebrate Josh's last day in the LBC (seems like he's had a few of those, doesn't it? Well, any excuse to pour one out for our homie, homes). I'd remarked the other day that 4th Street is chockablock full of bars, all within walking distance from each other. I've visited O'Connells, The Pike, The Red Room, 4th Street Vine, and Art du Vin, but there was a little hovel I'd never noticed before called Cheapshot's [sic], and they were advertising $1.50 pints. 


So we checked it out and it was pretty fantastic - uncrowded, plenty of seating, $1.50 High Life and $3.00 domestics, a jukebox, a pool table, and board games behind the bar. The only downside is that the music comes from the internet jukebox, so the owners can't really regulate what type of music is playing - which significantly affects the vibe of the bar when someone throws down bro n' ho tunes for the better part of the night. By the time Bowie came on, I nearly wept with gratitude. 

So if you're a local, head over the Cheapshot's. The beer is cheap and the place is still too new to have a regular crowd. 

4th at Alamitos - across from V Room.