Mad, Mad Men / by LD

Admittedly, I typically don't get into a television series until it's at least one or two seasons in. Time-tested, you  know? Can't be jumping on every bandwagon out there; I'd never get anything done. And the ads this time of year for all the new dramas and sitcoms don't help - you'd think television was the greatest invention since the printing press, and that the new shows waiting to snatch your attention away from more worthy pursuits are Gutenberg's bible. 

Hence, I am about the last person to show up to the cocktail party that is otherwise known as AMC's Mad Men. Season one recently fell into my possession from Brady, by way of Brett. And of course I'm shamelessly addicted. And of course Ashley and I blew through the four discs in a longish-weekend. And of COURSE Brett doesn't own season 2 on DVD! Which brings me to the point of this post in the first place: I was poking around The World Wide Interwebs last night looking to see if I could find season 2 anywhere, and the first place I looked was AMC's website, hoping to find a full episode player that every. other. station. seems to have adopted. 

While AMC is pitifully behind the Hulu curve, I did find something ELSE to occupy my time. I present to you, dear readers, Mad Men Yourself. A tacky promo piece of schlock designed to accomplish very little except endlessly amuse the lonely souls who bide their time Mad Men-ning all of their friends. 

(A lonely soul like me, apparently, because that's exactly what I did.)

I need a gimlet. 

Mad Me

Mad Brett

Mad Ashley

Mad Posey

Mad Tyler