Self-Medicating / by LD

An iChat between Jessica and myself today:

LD: Well, six shots later...I'm officially immunized.

JK: Nice. Please tell me you started *after* noon. 

LD: What? No, why? My appt. was at 9am.

JK: OH. When you said shots I thought you meant whiskey for your throat. And when you said "immunized" I thought you meant drunk.

LD: OH! Well, it's not like that isn't REALISTIC. And anyway, that was yesterday.* 
And so I suppose the real news of the hour, and the reason I wrote this post in the first place is to share that in two weeks, your girl Friday is going to Africa for two weeks! I'll be in Kenya and Ethiopia shooting pictures for a non-profit that I'm excited to share more details about in the near future. But for now: My arms aren't nearly as achy as I thought they'd be for taking such a beating this morning, and I'm beyond excited for this amazing opportunity!

*It was only one shot, to be fair, because I'm battling the latent onset of a cold shared by both Bonnie and Adam in New York - but in the interest of only medicating with the very best, it was the 12 year reserve. (And yes, gargling with whiskey then doing a shot really does help a sore throat, in case you were firing up your case that I'm just an alcoholic with better shoes.)