Friends in High Places / by LD

There's an Akron/Family song that begins with, "I've got some friends that you should meet..." and while I'm sure the Ohio bunch certainly does have an illustrious crew, I might chime in and add that I've got some friends that you should meet as well. I've been meaning to blog about the various pieces of jewelry I've received semi-recently from close friends of mine, and today I was shooting product for Asante Sana (more on that later, I promise) so I used my setup to snap a few quick shots of the jewelry.

All of these have been presented to me at various times in my life that seemed absolutely right, and I'm honored to be surrounded by such talented people. I've previously highlighted Jess's stunning contribution to the jewelry collection, so here are a few more.

One cursory glance at my website would confirm that Garamond is one of my favorite fonts, and it's certainly my favorite serif font, so you can imagine my joy when I opened my mailbox a couple of days after I left my last job to find this little gem waiting for me. Jen Murse is a multi-talented graphic design maverick and you can check out her other designs that I can only describe as e-clever at her Etsy shop Plastique*. She also pioneered the inverted diamond rings after we both fell in love with the Alex + Chloe version.

I shot Jonathan Holden's jewelry for his undergrad show at CSULB, and as a token of appreciation, he gave me what is arguably the star piece of his show: The avocado necklace. A Californian symbol of agriculture, and now an icon in my jewelry box.

Ashley has made a number of baubles in her 2009 Jewelry Making Kick, but this little guy is one of my favorites. It's a pin, it's an L, it's simple, and I love it.

One of the first pieces I received, this necklace is duplicated for all the girls in Emily Weiss's life, tokens she picked up in Europe and other far-flung locales and lovingly fashioned into a symbol of her undying affection.