Weekend Recap: L.A. Field Day / by LD

I'd been baited and switched previously in the week by a certain malevolent sir whose first name rhymes with Shady. He baited me: "Laurel, how would you like to go to LA on a field trip on Friday?" I bit: "YES!" He switched: "Great, meet us at Dodger Stadium." 

I will NOT. I will NEVER.

But the exchange did get me thinking about LA and how I haven't been out and about lately. So I gathered the troops on Saturday for a field trip north (with nary a Dodger Dog in sight, thank you very much). Our first stop was the Natural History Museum - not for the dinosaurs, but for the ever-elusive Kogi truck (the truck that is actually quite ubiquitous these days to everyone except for me). Sweet Korean BBQ heaven! The short rib tacos were more than worth the trek. 

Our next stop was Angelino Heights (Echo Park adjacent) to walk around and explore Carroll Avenue. The houses! The tree-lined streets! The time travel! And what better way to follow up time traveling than by going back to the 1970's south Pacific for a tiki drink? (Answer: There is no better way. Trust me.) Tiki Ti afforded us the perfect end to our field trip in the form of Ray's Mistakes and gin gimlets. 

Later in the evening, Brett and Curtis came down and I showed them the views from Signal Hill, and upon winning a bet with Brett, we went to Kelly's for classic drinks in a dark corner of my favorite 50's-style steak-n-whiskey lounge. And what's better to cap your night than with a free Tom Collins? Nothing!