Florence & The Machine: A Musical Discourse With Byron and Laurel / by LD

First, the iChat shared between Byron and myself:

BS: I think I've told you how much I associate Florence and the Machine with you
LD: No, actually
BS: I told Jen - yeah, I suspect that my love of the album is the closest to what me and Laurel will ever love equally, and I dont even know if you love the album the same amount. I mean you art directed this music video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0ZPTFfpO40 [I've embedded it below]
LD: Oh dear, you may have me more pegged than that one time with the Fleetwood Mac video.
If this doesn't look like a typical saturday afternoon in Casa del Dailey, then I don't know what does.
BS: See, I told you: artistic clowns in the woods, is your M.O.

LD: Oh yeah, and is that glitter I spy? Gimme, gimme, gimme. They're having a glitter fight, byron. A glitter fight.
BS: Let's just leave it at that, "A song both Byron and Laurel love equally (or close to it)." I told you, its like your type of video, and I admire and really dig that you have an aesthetic,
LD: Even if my alliterative aesthetic involves creepiness, clowns and color. I mean, just the beginning of the video - here's this girl, asleep in the woods wearing a men's tuxedo, while a wood nymph is like, "Here, honey, take this gold sequined blindfold and put it on."
LD: How can your response to that not be a beatific YES!
BS: Well the song also has alot of tambourine, which i suspect you are also into,
LD: Aside from the steering wheel of my car, it's the only percussive instrument at which I'm even remotely proficient
BS: I can totally see you say, "Glitter fight in the woods." I'd like to partake, but I'd be the first to pull the "my contacts" line, so I'd be ref.
LD: Well you could design the email blast at the very least. Maybe hire a taco truck to rumble all the way out there. Come to think of it, this sounds like the BEST PARTY EVER.