Weekend Recap: Fall, Be Kind (Thanksgiving Demands It!) / by LD

Back to the grind. How were everyone's respective weekends? Mine was utterly fantastic, thanks for asking.

Arrowhead was gorgeous, and the Thanksgiving morning walk we took through the woods and around the lake did my heart some good. We barely missed a blanket of snow, however, that covered the cabin we stayed in a day after we left. Nuts. I'm not sure it will snow in Oregon when I'm home for Christmas the way it did last year, so I might be in for a snowless Winter this time around. Just as well. It's hard to navigate snow drifts in heels, anyway (though I've totally tried, yeah, and what have you accomplished with your life thusfar, hmm?).

We left early on Friday and drove to Santa Maria for the rest of the weekend, during which we ate a Nordic feast, explored the Madonna Inn (the world's most unnecessarily superfluous extravagance since this place), hit up a few thrift stores, watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox (which was, predictably, fantastic), and filmed a movie (more on that later). Oh, and did I mention the egg nog? Because the egg nog I consumed this weekend has more than made up for years of drinking rum-less nog in the past. I still managed to kick some Christmas arse at Wii bowling, though.