Weekend Recap: You're Going To The Desert To Do THINGS?! / by LD

...So says my begrudgingly curmudgeonly friend Charlie who, I might add, was also a trifle incredulous as well when I told him of my weekend plans.

LD: We're going to the desert. To Palm Springs.

CS: WHY?!?!

LD: Uh, because it's fun.

CS: What are you going to do?

LD: Um, lots of things.

CS: You're going to the desert to do THINGS?!

Yes, many things. Fun things. Great things. Things of all sorts. Things that included, but weren't limited to: A turbine playground, hammocks, ping pong, adult beverages, diners, thrift stores, a trove of mid-century architecture, a photobooth, and - and! - Jeff Probst, host of the hit television reality series Survivor.

Stick that in your pipe and QUESTION THE SAM HILL OUT OF IT, Charlie.