Yes, We ARE Having A Hootenanny / by LD

The year's top ten lists haven't even started to flood the Interwebs yet, but I'm already looking forward to 2010's album releases. In January alone we have Vampire Weekend, Spoon, Beach House, and Magnetic Fields to look forward to. The Fields, in particular, have me in a tizzy. Take a look at that track list and tell me it doesn't sound fantastic:

01 "You Must Be Out of Your Mind"
02 "Interlude"
03 "We Are Having A Hootenanny"
04 "I Don't Know What To Say"
05 "The Dolls' Tea Party"
06 "Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree"
07 "Walk a Lonely Road"
08 "Always Already Gone"
09 "Seduced and Abandoned"
10 "Better Things"
11 "Painted Flower"
12 "The Dada Polka"
13 "From a Sinking Boat"