Your Best Friend Strikes Again / by LD

Come to think of it, JessiKemp is brilliant in her branding. I could squeeze every last drop from mah mind grapes and still there would be potential titles to come up with. Your Best Friend is on the move. Your Best Friend is a freeloading hippie. Your Best Friend is YOUR MOM.

(I could go on ad infinitum here, but I shant, and that is the very definition of mercy.)

Regardless of what Your Best Friend is up to at the moment (SRSLY, did ever there exist a more Twitter-worthy name?), she truly outdid herself on Sunday with the first of her "2-Week Dinners" hosted at her abode in Uptown Whittier. Our favorite Kemp,* Grayson, shot all the images for the event and did a bang-up job, if I do say so myself.

I'm only going to post my two favorite courses to whet your appetite. Of course, this will hopefully guide your obedient little fingers to clickaclick on over to Jessica's blog to read about the rest.**

Salted butterscotch, pumpernickel beer bread pudding dusted with beet powder,
vanilla chantilly cream, pomegranate foam - paired with Celebrator Doppelbock

Steam bun with duck confit and cola stewed cherries; spicy frog leg in orange tempura with a banana cream dipping sauce

*Ha-ha, just kidding Tyler, Barrett, Kiley, Roger and Lori...

**Apropos of nothing: I just started listening to Memory Tapes' new one Seek Magic and I want to start tossing copious amounts of glitter into the atmosphere. That's how this album makes me feel. Also - glitter in a swimming pool: have we explored this photoshooting potential yet? No, no we have not.