For You, Blue (And Santa Two) / by LD

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that it wouldn't be Christmas without another installment of Laurel's Annual Totally Awesome Christmas Music Blowout Spectacular Extravaganza, right?


I've been known to make Christmas mixes to hand out to friends in December bearing titles like "Christavaganza!" and "For You, Blue (And Santa, Too)," and this year is no exception. Though not to toot my own Christmas bugle or drum my own tiny toy drum, but this year's mix is my favorite so far. I've scoured the Interwebs and my own cavernous iTunes library to bring you the best of the best in Christmas music. Because of that, I've decided to share the cheer and the joy and the heartwarming magical heart-snowflakes with all of you. Squeeee!

Without further ado, I present you:

For You, Blue (And Santa Two): 2009 Edition, The Sequel.
Grab it while it's hot here.

Also, to wit, I had a mini-crisis while working on the mix in the form of Crippling Indecision (in caps, natch). Beardy Norseman Lindstrøm recorded a blippy, triumphant take on "Little Drummer Boy," and fellow Scandos Slaraffenland offered their own jangly, loose interpretation. I love both songs and said Crippling Indecision prevented me from determining which song was a better fit. So! You'll note that the packaged mix contains the Lindstrøm version, but in case you'd like to determine whose drummer boy fits best within the mix, then you can grab the Slaraffenland version here.

It goes without saying that these are available for a very limited time, so get clicking, children.