Disneyland... / by LD

...is so dead in January it might as well be a corpse. Zing, Disneyland. Zing, everyone who wasn't at Disneyland today when I went.

Nobody here...

Nobody there...

In addition to cotton candy, I also purchased a 25 cent fortune from Esmeralda The Fortunately Coiffed Fortune Teller. Here's what it says:

Born under a very lucky star, your disposition, naturally good [haaaaayls yeah, it's naturally good], has been made uneven by the selfish and snobbish people you have met, and it has made you unhappy [well, yeah, you'd be unhappy too if your friends were Mike and Posey]. This condition is soon to end, for your lucky star will soon place you in a new change of life that will be far more pleasant. While you will never have any great amount of wealth [wait, WHAT?!], you will never want for the things that you should really have [then I should really have these]. Your natural ability for business it will be well to cultivate [okay, I'm just applying a healthy amount of sic to that because I thought this woman was Spanish, not Yoda], for you will have need to look after big business affairs very soon. A marriage [WOOHOO!] late in life [WHAT!] will be based not on passion [UNLIKE!], but a calm, even affection, and will result in good [Esme, I beg to differ, honey, and I might add that I don't think I've ever been calm in my entire life]. Beware of dark friends [take that, Mike Posey!], especially ladies [oh...in that case, take that, Mike Posey!] [zing.]. Anything done on the 16th of the month will succeed [even a grizzly bear brawl? Because I beg to differ...unless, of course, we strike up a calm, even affectionate relationship with one another, in which case:]

, but not too much