Eating With Your Best Friends: Behind The Scenes / by LD

I hope all of you are waiting with baited breath (you should be) for the posts I have in store in the coming week. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, the first of which I can only hint at at this moment in time (in the form of low-res silly iPhone pics). Today my best friend (and yours too) Jessica is hosting another of her Two Week Dinners at her home in Whittier. It's a massive undertaking this time around: 10 courses, 8 people, x hours. Each course is paired with her favorite song of 2009, so unlike the 5-course beer pairing I attended a few weeks ago, this one is more of an engaging-multiple-senses affair.

Yesterday I spent the day at the Kemps photographing each course, drinking too much wine and Diet Coke, and watching "No Reservations." While I can't reveal the fruits of our labor just yet (the dinner isn't until later today!), here are a few behind-the-scenes photos I and others snapped throughout the 15-hour day. And get that breath baited. When I get the green light from Jess, I'll show you all the courses in their full glory. We went out of our way to brainstorm some inventive food photography this time around. Onward!

The tomato I used in staging all the setups. This little guy got pretty beat up by the end of the night.

Yes, they taste as good as they look.

Medieval stew

Poor tomato.