Hair! / by LD

Recently (as in, two days ago) I attempted the extremely ill-advised and watched ALL (yes, all) of Lost Season 5 with Barrett and Jody. We cozied up with our best friends Diet A&W and Cheetos Puffs and that was that. Throughout the day the most frequent commentary to pop up was regarding the coifs of the various characters. "She has the best hair," or "He has such great hair." Why, of all subjects, this was the one we chose to elucidate for 12 hours is beyond me, but it got me thinking about hair, good hair, and the hair I wish I had. I'm an avid right-click-saver when it comes to images I come across on the World Wide Web (usually on streetstyle blogs), so I did a little searching through my archives and I started to see a pattern when it comes to hairstyles I dig. Namely, they're all exactly the same. So herewith, my favorite coifs as of late: