Home Alone Christmas Party / by LD

A few weeks ago (namely, before Christmas) Jessica, I, and my roommates, hosted a Christmas party at our house for all our friends. The objective was twofold: We wanted to have a party before everyone got too busy with holiday activities and the year slipped us by, and Jessica wanted to host a dessert tasting inspired by one of her favorite holiday-time movies: Home Alone. So we combined and conquered, and thus a Macaulay Culkin Christmas was born. We poured whiskey into hot beverages and wandered around Naples for the Boat Parade, then regrouped at the house with cheese pizza and Pepsi for dinner. Tyler rigged a projector so that we could watch the movie on our sloped ceiling and while we watched Kevin's hijinks for the 50th time, Jess served us a four-course dessert tasting using only ingredients that can be found in the movie itself. I shot the courses beforehand, so I'll share the images with you. But if you knew what was good for you, you'd head over to Jess's website, like, RIGHT NOW to read her descriptions of the desserts. Hint: That macaroni isn't actually cheesy pasta. So get moving.