J.Crew X Everyone / by LD

Despite the fact that I can't remember the last time I purchased something at J.Crew (blame the prices; low enough to get me into the store but too high to actually convince me to spend any money),* I've really been digging their designer collaborations as of late. Partnering up with such timeless brands as Timex (punny), Sperry, and Panama, they're beefing up their 'classic' aesthetic with a few tried-and-true classics. In addition, they've selected certain pieces from their sister line Madewell - a smart move considering that, like H&M, Madewell isn't currently sold online.

Partnerships can be a beautiful thing. Check out some of my favorites:

*Well, and the fact that it's not REALLY my style, not really, so while I adore the styling and the use of Erin Wasson as a model, the individual pieces aren't always my vibe. But a girl can certainly still appreciate good branding.