Kentucky Jack / by LD

After what seemed like an exceedingly long furlough, I'm back surfing The Internets (which, given my preternaturally vicious fear of being tumbled around the ocean like a cat in the dryer, is the only surfing I'll likely ever do in this life). Hang loose, y'all.

I have a few blogs up my sleeve from the extended Holiday absence, so hang on to your hats and glasses, readers, because we're kicking things off to a boozy start right now.

Last night I journeyed to my favorite place to blow disgusting amounts of money on semi-useless frivolities: BevMo. (Bevmo? Bev-MO!? I remember the days when it was called Beverages & More, prior to the self-inflicted nickname which, though I'm diametrically opposed to nicknaming oneself [stop trying to make "L-Dawg" work], it's pretty catchy.) And you know it's 2010 because Mizz Dailey has kicked things off with brackets-within-a-parenthetical-aside, which means, of course, LOOKOUT, WORLD!

Anyway, I received two gift cards to the Mecca this Christmas, one from my loving parents, and another from my other family, The Gerners (also loving). Given the rampant resurgence of rye whiskey (or whisky, if you're feeling Canadian) as an adult beverage trend, I thought I might add to my preexisting malted barley collection with a bottle of (ri) 1 whiskey (-ey because, yes, though it's rye, it's not Canadian - it's made in Kentucky). It seemed fitting to pair it with a bottle of Laird's AppleJacks because I recently sampled a cocktail my friend Doug had ordered at Varnish which contained both items and let me tell you - it was enough to tear me away from my perfectly mixed Ramos Fizz, and that, folks, is saying something.

Once home, I started messing around until I came up with something that was delicious, delightful, and deceptively boozy. And since I'm always in the mood to share such discoveries, today's your lucky day if you were thinking to yourself, "Say, I'd sure love to make a cocktail comprised of rye whiskey and apple-y goodness!" (And if, by some one-in-a-million chance you weren't just saying that to yourself, I think you'll still benefit from my generosity.)