Rain or Shine / by LD

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon here in Long Beach. Jody's making art, Ashley's practicing her cello, Mike's grading papers, and Chet Baker is our soundtrack for the day. It's impossibly bright, the kind of post-rain searing sun explosion that one comes to expect here in Southern California after a storm. Mr. Baker was our rainy day soundtrack as well, and I've decided that he's the bees knees whether it's pouring rain or sunshine is pouring through the window.

Here are a few snaps I took this week amidst the tumultuous weather.

Post-rain romp on Tuesday

This stunner lit up the sky on Friday afternoon when I was picking Brady up from the airport. It's been years
since I'veseen a rainbow from edge to edge and the double rainbow behind it. Unfortunately, my iPhone
couldn't capture the whole thing at once, but here's a pitiful idea of how awesome it was.