Weekend Recap: A View From The Top / by LD

Yes, from our spot on Signal Hill, we could see the Hollywood Sign 32 miles north of us.

After a rather brokenhearted Charlie learned that his bike had been stolen on Saturday (it's happened twice to me since moving here, so I can relate), we consoled our friend with the Joe's Special at Joe Jost's, and headed up to Signal Hill to check out the views post-rain. As expected, they were stunning - but the most notable part about it is that the smog had cleared enough for us to see the Hollywood Sign. Those of you who are locals understand how amazing this is, as often you can't spot the famed white letters even from Hollywood. So to see it from our perch atop the hill was something to experience. Then I gave my camera to Jody and she attempted to take a photo of Charlie and I. Attempt is really a generous term for what we came up with, isn't it?