Bits and Pieces / by LD

Nothing too notable to warrant an entire post, but here are a few items I've collected thusfar today:

>> Doc Jensen's Lost recap. If you're not regularly reading these post-new episode, then I pity your soul, friend.

>> You can now stream Peter Gabriel's upcoming covers album Scratch My Back at The Guardian. I'm two songs from finishing my first go-through and in my humblest of opinions: it's fantastic.

>> Anyone else as excited as I am for the new Toy Story installment? No? Well you will be once you take a gander at two new characters, most specifically, jungle Ken.

>> Lastly, if you live in the LA area, then it really would behoove you to scrounge up a few bucks and head over to the LA Street Food Fest this weekend. All the best in food truck gastro-awesomeness at reduced portions (and prices!) so you can sample till you can't eat another bite. I'll be there!