Nom! / by LD

At fifteen pages, it's certainly a commitment and a hefty chunk to sift through, but friends, if you care at all about Los Angeles or food, then it's well worth the effort. Herewith, LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold stands at the gastronomical pulpit and preaches his sermon of all sermons: 99 Things To Eat In L.A. Before You Die.

For a local, it's like a treasure map whose journey doesn't culminate in the prize of all prizes, but rather, meanders across the parchment, stopping every few inches to unearth yet another gem. Case in point:
If you tend to esteem human happiness more than the state of your teeth, you may have a bag of Little Flower caramels stashed in your desk right now: supple lozenges made with French sea salt from the Guérande, which dissolve into pure, buttery clouds of flavor.
Sounds like heaven to me, and Gold's deft descriptions incite more than a few cravings. Early in the article, he waxes poetic on sesame creme puffs:
Airy, eggy, stuffed to order with blackish, sesame-flavored whipped cream, the puffs at Pâtisserie Chantilly are drizzled with mesquite honey and sprinkled with sweet, caramelized soy powder.
Oh. My. Clearly, I have at least 98 culinary adventures awaiting me (not sure I could handle San Nak Ji, given my irrational and ridiculous fear of Death At The Hands [x8] Of An Angry Octopus). So this begs the question: Who's with me?