Rosie The Dog Dailey / by LD

The planet Earth lost one of its most faithful companions today. We got Rosie when she was one, shivering (though, I suspect, not cold...drama queen that she was) in the back of my dad's pick up in October, 1998. She had the softest ears and the funniest mannerisms, and she lived with us until this morning, February 12, 2010. She has posed for more formal photographs and been the subject of more paintings than any one else in my family, and she faithfully retrieved every one of the creepy taxidermy ducks currently taking up residence in our house. When we pet her and she was especially thrilled, she made the oddest whine-growl sound, and insisted on placing one paw (always just the one) on our knee. Always. That damn paw found its way up there every. Single. Time.

I'm not usually one to broadcast my mood or emotional state of being on the Internets - isn't it better to look at pictures of shoes, anyway? - but today (incidentally also one year and one day after my Grandpa passed away) is a day that I'll just be honest.

My heart feels heavy. I loved that dog and I'm going to miss her.