Weekend Recap II: Imma Git Outta Dodge / by LD

The warmer weather has me absolutely chomping at the bit to get out of town, even if the furthest I get is out of my driveway. A mid-morning phone call from Mr. Loose Luggage himself (he traversing the streets of NY in a blizzard, me on my porch in the LB morning sun) gives me hope that a wild desert excursion is in my immediate future, but until my wanderlust for the near-far is satiated, I'm content to explore more of my favorite city in the world (for now). Lucky for me, I have more than a few like-minded friends who also love the thrill of the hunt.

Yesterday I joined Ham, Scooter, and Posey for a day of adventuring around LA to parts of the city I'd not spent much (or any) time in. Lunch in Franklin Village, close-up views of the Hollywood sign, a shaded walk through Ferndell, Eagle Rock's geological formations, Colorado St. bridge, and finally - sunset at the Gamble House in Pasadena. It was a lovely day with a scrappy trio who make tormenting me their utmost priority.

But it's cool, 'cause I can dish it back.