Weekend Recap: Nom Nom Nom / by LD

Anyone else check out the Street Food Fest this past weekend? Because there were about six-thousand people there, so I figure some of you had to have been present. If you weren't, then I'll dutifully recap for you, and I'll keep it simple: Nom nom nom THE FOOD WAS AWESOME! nom nom nom No, really, it was fantastic, nom nom nom, but SRSLY, why was Cole's so packed at 3 in the afternoon?

'Bout sums it up, right? Despite the crowds, we managed to have a gastronomically funtastic time. I've expounded upon the Food Truck Phenom (per Doug McLaughlin's spot-on musings, ideas, and general inspiration) in the past, but never before have I been able to try so many delicious bites in one spot. So I'd call that a Win all around. But Cole's? Packed like sardines at 3pm for no apparent reason. Fail. My Manhattan was boozy perfection, but the lack of booth space made it a bit less enjoyable.

But I'm not complaining, because the memories of Komodo's fish and grape taco and those fois gras fries are warming the cockles of my heart. Already planning for next year.

Alex helps Jen hold down the Plastique* fort

Don Chow's Ultimate LA Taco: carne asada, caramelized onions, bacon, and chili verde

Also great? Cheap drinks and beer!

Komodo bites

Sweet Po fries

Clockwise, from left: Kimchi fries, fois gras fries, and raja fries