Wrangler Pt 1: Playing With Fire / by LD

Having previously extolled the virtues of revamping ones' image (oh hey, L.L. Bean...and who doesn't get a little bit wistful* when watching the Levi's O Pioneers campaign?), I've been wholly on board with Wrangler's foray into reinvention. The We Are Animals campaign began with imagery shot by everyone's favorite nekkid nature photographer, Ryan McGinley. The latest for the denim brand is a portfolio photographed by Jeff Burton featuring powder, water, and raw, kinetic energy. Unfortunately, the buck stops there, as this campaign is solely for Wrangler's Europe division, and I'm sorry to report that here in the good ol' U.S. of A where we like our beef extra well-done, the brand image suffers the same fate as most multi-country brands do (Vogue! Gap! Take your PICK!).

But! That's not to take away from the excellent work of French ad agency Fred & Farid, nor does it detract from the immense emotional response I have to both McGinley's and Burton's work (especially Burton's). I'd love it if all brands, especially the classic and often staid ones, started to move in a brave new direction. But until that happens, pigs fly, and the fourth horseman of the apocalypse divulges his secret love of Taylor Swift, these images will just have to do.

First up, McGinley's work from the first We Are Animals campaign:

And now for my personal favorite, Jeff Burton's take:

Stay tuned for Part II, a website so cool it needed its own post.

*Hey, I said only a little