Projects, Etc / by LD

This space has been rather quiet in the past couple of weeks, hasn't it? There's been a distinct lack of punny bon mots or eye-rolling aphorisms on this blog as you may have noticed, rather weepily, whilst brushing that sorrowful tear from the corner of your eye. Right? RIGHT?

The thing is, the creative gears in my brain have been in overdrive, believe it or not. I have projects oozing out my ears at the moment and as many harebrained creative impulses to match. Fauxchella dance mix currently stewing in Garage Band? Check. Collaborative photo projects with a variety of bon vivants on deck? Check. Food/drink/EatYourBestFriends magic brewing in the cauldron? Check. Motion picture coups with far-more-talented-than-me cinematic partners in crime? Check. In other words, between my attempts to transcribe a song in 7/8 time to sheet music and my plans to otherwise dominate the ha-uuuuge freelance job I just picked up, I've been a busy bee. Too busy to actually reveal the honey of my labor just yet. (and you thought you'd escape analogy-less. Foolish plebe.) I have projects that are just waiting for their big reveal (patience!) and others still whose kinks are being worked out.


The sun is shining, friends, both in a literal it'sSprrrriiiiiing! sense and metaphorically, creatively speaking. I'm blinking against the brightness, if you will, and trying to make sense of the lavish gift of inspiration. I don't want to waste a single bit, so bear with me while I do my best to turn ideas into reality. In the meantime, see that photo up there? That's just a hint of what's to come.

I hope you'll stick around for more.