So-oh-oooohhhh That Means Making Eyes Across The Room / by LD

New LCD track, guys. On repeat. No big deal.

Moving on...these are pretty self-explanatory but in case you need it spelled out for you: It's LA, and the weather is gorgeous. We'd be remiss if we didn't spend every last second outside soaking up the daylight before blazing a trail into the nighttime. In this case, it's Cat & Fiddle, Blue Palms, a farmer's market, and brunch for Adam's birthday. Stay tuned. This weekend should produce a flurry of flash-lit photo-ops too...

"THIS seal had a yellow bow-tie!"

Down the gullet

Charlie likes to see things with his iPhone...

...While Ashley clearly prefers her eyes.

Yeah, I'm not sure either...

Dapper, eh?

Me and the birthday man