Weekend Recap: That's A Lot Of Food / by LD

In perusing through the past three weeks' worth of iPhone photos, I realized I've had some real gastronomical delights. Here's a peek into what I've been up to recently.

This past weekend: Chili with chipotle-cocoa, Porter, and cinnamon. Dark n' Stormys.
Corn bread with sweet bleu cheese butter. Perfect rainy saturday night with friends.

Last weekend: Tacos from the hand of the lovely Jessica Kemp. Duck,
bacon-mushroom, & sweet potato, with plenty of condiments.

$5 craft brew schooners at the odd Mexican restaurant next to the dollar theater.

Kogi & beers at the Bruery in Placentia


Two weekends ago: Pizza at Pizza Port in San Clemente

Breakfast cupcakes, again by Jessica Kemp. Brilliant bacon-and-eggs cupcake there. Absolutely brilliant.