Hipster Christianity: The Website / by LD

It's been a long time coming, folks (and an even lengthier wait for the book to debut [that'd be August, by the way]), but I'm happy to report that my good friend Brett McCracken's website for his forthcoming book Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide is live and changing lives across the Internets.

Curious? Of course you are. So go check it out and report back.

I worked with Brett on the photography aspect of the site (those familiar with my blog will no doubt recognize some of the models), and I'm stoked with how the photos turned out. I also pitched in a few Dailey-style blurby witticisms (blurbicisms?) to help further define exactly what comprises a Christian Hipster (oooo, I can just feel youngins everywhere getting their gravely serious sensibilities rankled. A word to the wise, kids: Chillax. Everybody cool now? Good. Nice chat). Curiouser? Here are a couple of excerpts (short and sweet for the Internet Age) to whet your whistle:

For the hipster with money, nothing betrays a more quotidian and embarrassing lack of social hierarchy than saddling up to that new bar in the emerging downtown scene - the one with all the dim lighting who staffs "mixologists" instead of bartenders - and (eep!) ordering a Vodka Redbull. Thanks to a resurgence in the classic art of drink making (and, in large part, to Don Draper's stonily clefted chin), Hipsters with expendable income are investing in finely crafted spirits with which to mix their Manhattans and Old Fashioneds.


You think your Blackberry can size up the muscular Texting-as-a-lifestyle iPhone juggernaut without yelping in defeat, only to retreat with its telecommuting tail between its legs? You're obviously a PC user. Listen up, Plebeians: if you want a leg to stand on in this tech-savvy society, you'd better get yourself to AT&T with a wad of cash and sign your life away. Because when it comes to surfing the tech trend wave, none of those non-Apple grommets even come close to the mighty iPhone.


If sucking down a few Parliaments gives you nightmares of midlife tracheotomy, then there's no better way to blow smoke rings around your cancer-bound friends than with the mighty hookah. Obfuscate your mug in a plume of mostly-steam and fondly recall that One Missions Trip You Took To India. If a few pieces inevitably go missing here and there, the hookah doubles as a receptacle for discarded beanies.