Old Pappy / by LD

I'm embroiled in a bit of a love affair with whiskey at the moment (a moment otherwise known as always), but especially American whiskeys. Tennessee, rye, Bourbon, blend, single barrel, aged - I'm enamored by all of it. Most of you are aware that my mini bar has outgrown the size its name would suggest and is currently residing in the Fledgling Full Bar status. I'd certainly not compare myself to a bricks and mortar establishment, but I will go out on a fairly sturdy limb and say that my mini bar probably puts yours to shame. (And, if by some loophole in the order of things, your mini bar were to size up my mini bar and send it packing with its tail between its legs, then we should meet. Really. Call me.)

I received some birthday money recently from a few friends and family (a million thanks, by the way), and I knew exactly how I wanted to spend it: on new additions to my collection! Hurrah! The list was short but formidable: Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 15yr Bourbon, Blanton's Original single barrel, Cascade Mountain gin, and Clear Creek Eaux de Vie of Douglas Fir. The Blanton's and gin were obtained easily enough at BevMo (and no, I haven't opened them yet), and the Clear Creek will have to wait until I come into more money (or head home for a visit), but the Pappy's proved to be much harder to find. 

Wheated and aged 15 years, it's a no-longer-in-production limited edition. All of Pappy's bourbons receive superlative ratings, and this one is no different. I searched far and wide for this sucker and what would you know: Wade's Wines in Thousand Oaks had one bottle left. They were exceedingly helpful in helping with my search - even going so far as to call back after my initial call uncovered no more bottles of the 15 year. As fate would have it, there was one bottle left, and now it's on its way to Long Beach.