Prophet / by LD

It all makes sense now. I should really make a new label for these Chats with Byron. 

Byron: Dont wear glasses any more but I like the BOG(ive)O(ne) aspect - but come on a Monocle?
Laurel: Warby Parker. Yes. I love that company
B: COME on,
L: Also, you just tweeted/buzzed that didn't you? I've noticed. When I check Google Buzz, I'll see things and I'll think, Byron iChatted that to me. And then I realize, no. Our conversations now exist solely as copies and pastes of his TWEETS. You're a tweet cheat. 
B: Nah, you're the audience there. Think about it: From God's lips to my ears, to your ears. 
L: HAHA. I'm getting the transcript for the Bible breathed into my soul right now, aren't I? 
B: Pretty much. He's got a sense of humor, and I'm that vessel for it. Just saying: John the Baptist, Joan of Arc, Byron Samayoa. 
L: You're the proverbial platypus: Proof of God's humor. Except that he tells you what to tweet and you do it. An oracle for the Internet Age. 
B: It's more like, "Laurel will like this one, tweet it." 
L: So really, I'm the litmus test. If I proffer a few ha's, then you know it's golden. I had no idea I had such a responsibility to the Twitterverse.