Chicago / by LD

Just got back from a weeklong trip to Chicago. I had a great time kicking around town with family, and even though I swore I wouldn't switch into Photographer Mode after the busy two months I've had, I couldn't help but take a few pictures. I am who I am, anyway. Can't fight it. I realized I might as well just roll with it when I kept repeatedly pulling my iPhone from my purse and snapping photos. Okay, okay, okay. Luckily I stowed my G9 in my purse so I was able to scratch a bit of that Pro Photo itch. 

We stayed at the Trump Tower (left), which is the second tallest building in Chicago. It's also absurdly nice, emphasis on the absurdity inherent with wealth - my room came with a Trump "Water Library" replete with a $25 bottle of H20 with the word "Bling" written in rhinestones. 

Reminiscent of Monet's Notre Dame, no? 

On Wednesday night we experienced one of those massive, sudden Midwest-Summer-style storms. Lightning like a strobe every ten seconds, tornado sirens wailing throughout the city, the trains were stopped and the mall was closed. And then the four horsemen of the apocalypse were like, "Eh, we're gonna wait this one out."

Full disclosure: I love The Bean in Millennium Park. Absolutely love it. I could spend all day staring at that thing. 

A view from the Sears Tower

My mom and I went on a sailing trip on Friday afternoon. You know what I love even more than The Bean? Boats. Any kind of boat, any body of water. I'll be on it and I'll love every second. 

See? Here's me. Loving it.