MASSACRE At Echo Park Lake (Feat. OK Go) / by LD

A couple of months ago and a few hours before Waved Out Fest at The Echo, I was with friends at Echo Park Lake. We'd picnicked (thank you, Cheese Store of Silver Lake), we'd eaten ice cream (thank you, kindly fellow pushing the ice cream cart around the lake), and we'd lounged in the sun (thank you, unbeatable weather in the throes of Springtime). Our dissatisfaction with life thusly nullified, we took a stroll around the water as the sun began to set. At the opposite end of the lake we saw a foursome of hip gents clad in monochromatic CMYK garb (though in this case, K was actually red). They were shuffling across the grass while a man with a bullhorn counted the steps methodically. "Must be an OK Go video," we thought, as this would be the only logical explanation for the elaborate footwork and nondescript outfits (who is the lead singer, again?).

We were, of course, right. But the real crux of the story isn't that we saw That Band Who Makes Viral Music Videos Like It's Their Job (Oh Wait, It Is). Our crescendo came clanging around the corner when we saw a group of park ducks desperately trying to end the life of one of their own. It was weird. And a little unsettling. But most of all, baffling - why were they ganging up on that duck, exactly? And would he make it out alive?

Luckily, I had my Mark II with me and was able to film the dire display. Since OK Go's new video debuted somewhere in the vicinity of RIGHTTHISSECOND, I thought I'd share a little behind-the-scenes tidbit that was unfolding a few feet from where the band was filming. Though the background noise is muted, what you'd hear is our friend on the bullhorn counting steps as the horror unfurled on film. On OK Go's video, you might even catch a glimpse of us in the background. You'll most certainly see that, like us, OK Go was sympathetic to the plight of our webbed-footed friendly fowl, who finds himself an unwitting guest star near the end of the video.

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