What They Really Think Of Jumpsuits / by LD

It should come as a surprise to exactly no one that the fellas and the ladies have disparate views on women's fashion. To most men with a basic understanding of fashion (their pants slim, their boat shoes scuff-free, and their flannels fussily useless in 80-degree weather), and even to men who are ahead of the curve, a stylish girl typically comprises of an average, Urban Outfitters-circa-2008, benign, hipster chick aesthetic. In other words, she's essentially the female version of said stylish male, except with more vintage floral dresses. 


But as long as it's form fitting (without being too tight), feminine (without being fussy), and fashionable (without being too far ahead of any mediocre curves), the guys are usually satisfied. Give them a girl with long hair whose makeup routine consists of Burt's Bees and mascara, then throw some kind of dress or a pair of skinny jeans on her frame and top it with a sprinkling of subtle jewelry and a pair of ballet flats, and voila! No dude's going to complain about that. Look at her - she's got great style, right? Isn't that dress from H&M or something...? 

But if you're a woman who dresses for herself, who follows the tempestuous fits and starts in fashion with interest, who prefers to subvert the norm for a more expressive way of sartorial presentation, then all bets are off. And in the event that some of these trends start to trickle down into the masses, suddenly there's an army of harem-clad menswear fiends with pixie cuts and 5-inch heels. And most fellas aren't a fan.

W Magazine

Refinery29 compiled a list of trends currently coursing through the veins of stylish gals the world over and asked normal guys (read: not fashion guys) their thoughts on everything from clogs to grandma-chic.  Check it out here. Naturally, there are plenty of dudes out there who buck the trend and love a fashionably forward gal, but in my experience, they are few and far between. For every guy who actually appreciates a less-than-flattering cut because of its play on form or silhouette, there are a dozen who turn their noses up at short hair, tall shoes, or anything that doesn't fit into a narrow category of femininity. 

The truth is, I've always taken so much joy in getting dressed every day that the thought of catering to what a guy might like versus what my eye is naturally drawn to just seems silly. So I'll keep stomping around in clunky heels and I'll keep mixing shapes and silhouettes, and I'll certainly keep sporting harem pants and bright red lips, because it's a matter of self-expression and those who know me know that I might be a lot of things, but a benign, jeans-and-flats kind of girl isn't one of them.