Journal Entries, iTunes Edition / by LD

I don't keep a diary.

I'll occasionally write a post on this blog that approaches soul-scraping Dear Diary levels of candor. But perhaps even approach is too strong a word. What I mean is that I'll occasionally write a post whose sincerity skitters up the steps of Diary House, leaves a flaming bag of poo on the landing, then ding-dong-ditches for the evening street--you know, dark and safely anonymous.

I have two Field Notes notebooks that I keep with me at all times, busted up, nearly full, pages splattered with scattershot notes, sketches, litter from my brain that accumulates during the day. No diary entries, though, unless you count shopping lists for cocktails I've made.

I communicate through my work, but even that eschews the detritus of everyday life in favor of a particular perspective--one that skews decidedly toward the ideal.

The closest thing I have to a diary are the monthly iTunes mixes I've been making for the last three years. Organized by month and year, the mixes vary in length and content--an aural journal entry for the music I listened to in a given month. Old favorites, new listens, repeat offenders, one-hit wonders; the gang's all here. For one of my first blog posts in 2013, I thought I'd share this month's mix with you. It's a mishmash of the stuff I've been listening to during these early days of January, as much a reflection of my own emotional landscape as it is of the season during which it's being presented. 

You can grab it for a limited time HERE.

Here's a track listing in case you hear something you like and want to pursue more (it's mixed as a single track):

Theme :: Jon Brion 
Strawberry Swing :: Frank Ocean
Get Free :: Major Lazer
Futureactive Kid, Pt. 1 :: Sandro Perri
Never Ending Math Equation :: Modest Mouse
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards :: Tame Impala
Silent Machine :: Cat Power
Shallow :: Beach Fossils
Lose the Baby :: Lost Animal
My Mistakes :: Eleanor Friedberger
Brains :: Lower Dens
With Just One Glance :: Nicolas Jaar
Breaking Vows :: Serengeti
Something Good :: Alt-J
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Pollyn's Re-Edit Remix) :: Paul Simon
Born to Die (Woodkid Remix) :: Lana Del Rey
I Come Apart (feat. Florence Welch) :: A$AP Rocky
Wasted :: Mazzy Star
You Look Like Rain :: Morphine