The Earth Is My Air Mattress / by LD

The above is a quote from a certain Charles T. Spahn, AKA Good Times Chazzy Boy, in regard to the joys of camping in the great outdoors. He has a point, though I'd counter that nothing beats a good night's rest on a proper camping mat, especially if one had previously spent all her nights slumbering on an off-brand yoga mat. As it turns out, the two are not created equal. Namaste, betches. So says the charlatan who was conceived--conceived!!!--on a backpacking trip. Apparently only the genes for prematurely grey hair can be passed on. 

Nevertheless, I've been clamped shamefully in the stocks of wanderlust as of late, like a town drunkard cursed to ride it out with arms akimbo. So flagrant is the wanting I feel, though I'm sure in reality my occasional yelps about planning a camping trip come across far less drastically. But I foolishly and bullheadedly wandered down an Internet rabbit trail this morning, by way of Tumblr and brought to you by the letter T, as in, camping is so Trendy right now. My wanderlust and desire for a tent and a campfire and some whiskey has been stoked so there's no going back. 

Herewith, some of my favorite photographs that I've taken while enjoying God's Great Earth with my nearest and dearest. I hope it serves to enflame your own desire to get an Adventure Pass so we can get the heck outta dodge, post haste. 

All photography by Laurel Dailey© 2013