Dusty Boots! / by LD

The themes I draw from for my mixes are generally siphoned from the same beat up tank: open roads, lonely characters, dirty water, kicked up dirt, desert heat. Add "one trick ponies" to that list, and I'll freely admit that this is not my first rodeo, son. Give me a westward wind and a ribbon of asphalt to point the way and I'll cruise that open road from here till kingdom come. Wayward thoughts of outliers and empty spaces are never far from my heart, despite the fact that my lifestyle postures itself in direct opposition. Call it a necessary tension, when the soul of a woman just can't shake the urge to let the rubber meet the road. I'll gladly assume the balancing act when I know I've got them both in perfect harmony

For those of you who've ever longed for something inexpressible, here are a collection of songs I've arranged into a mix lovingly titled Dusty Boots!

Git 'er HERE for a limited time.