Fauxchella 2013 / by LD

Last weekend marked the sixth annual Fauxchella Music Festival in the lives of my nearest and dearest. I say this because I realize there are technically other Fauxchellas out there, and they're probably more attuned to the musical acts haunting the stages of the polo fields, but we've been casually tossing the name around for so long, why stop now? 

As with other years, community music-making was at the fore of the weekend. Friends and strangers joined together with a singular aim and the result was, as it always is, stunning, meaningful, and generous. In fact, I was consistently awed at the level of generosity shared throughout the weekend. It made me proud to claim this yearly event and to say without reservation that these music-makers are exceptional talents, each possessing a rare measure of kindness and inclusivity. What I observed again and again wasn't merely a few people making music in the desert. It was kindness writ large, a sort of pervading benevolence that moved independently of whatever music was being made. Thank you for attending this year's Fauxchella, and thank you for sharing so freely your time, talent, and friendship. 

If I continue further, I will get weepy, and we all know that emotionally-loaded superlatives are the base-level form of communication in this day and age. I'll exercise my reticence so as not to contribute to the hyperbolic noise. I've said what can be said and I've said it truthfully. Now onto the photos!

Photo by Grayson Kemp

Photo by Grayson Kemp

Photo by Grayson Kemp

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